A real challenge: Communication in IT

IT departments do not have the best reputation, especially when it comes to communication. An email from IT? No thanks, nobody understands their technical terms and abbreviations.

Internationally operating companies often like to hire English natives who will write for them i.e. their internal communication. Especially IT departments who need to keep their users informed, need support in producing good communication – meaning short, comprehensible, well structured and somewhat appealing.

Having grown up with English as her second mother tongue and with her IT background, Eugenia Borris is the perfect match for such a task. Hence, a global pharma corporation used her skills for more than 5 years to text comprehensible emails, create appealing Intranet and SharePoint teamsites, produce well-structured PowerPoint slides and publish interesting news articles in the quartely newsletter. Once she knew her way around and had built her network, she only needed a minimum of input from her team to come up with first drafts.

Unfortunately, her contract had to come to an end due to compliance. But she is pretty sure, they will keep her contact details saved.