Successful launch of Artemed Foundation

Since the Artemed Foundation was launched end of 2013, we supported their activities in providing guidance and all material that was needed for their corporate publishing: In close alignment with the management a customer magazine was created, along with matching flyers. End of 2014 the second edition of the magazine was published – enhanced to 36 pages.

After a first presentation of layouts Magnus Marketing came up with a concept for their customer magazine as well as an accompanying flyer. A journalistic approach was part of the concept as it goes well with the intentions of the foundation – to inform their customers in an authentic manner about their projects in Myanmar, Brazil and Namibia.



In spring 2014, 10,000 copies of the new flyer were printed, followed by the print of the new magazine „Artemed Stiftung – Gemeinsam heilen helfen“ (Artemed Foundation – Helping to heal together).

When the foundation held their kick-off event in July 2014, Magnus Marketing was in charge of advertising it within the Munich region.

A new flyer was ordered and produced in June, the second issue of the magazine was produced end of 2014, having grown to 36 pages telling more stories about the tireless activities of the Artemed team.