A passionate commitment towards Citröen

For more than 15 years Robert Hauke was in charge of the customer magazine VOILÀ (Citroën Deutschland AG) as Senior Editor, working with the well-respected CP Journal International publishing company in Munich. After a small break, the passionate automotive journalist is back to writing articles for BURDA Creative Group and their customer magazine “PASSION by Citroën”.

When Robert Hauke was responsible for the customer magazine VOILÀ of Citroën Germany (1993 – 2008) he developed a strong connection to the brand with the double chevron, resulting in a passion for their old-timers. He has owned, restored and driven almost all models of the past millennium, including the 2 CV, DS, CX Series 2 and XM. His latest acquisition is an elderly lady called Citroën CX Series 1.

Being Francophile, Robert Hauke was more than delighted to take the latest Citröen models on tour through the loveliest parts of France during countless travel productions, taking him and his photographing partner Florian Werner to Auvergne, Bretagne, Biarritz and the famous Côte d’Azur.

In 2013 the VOILÀ magazine was re-launched by the BURDA Creative Group in Munich as the PASSION magazine. Robert Hauke was in touch with them just in time to be asked to contribute starting from the very first issue. He covers all topics evolving the French brand – starting with the long tradition of Citröen as well as including the latest developments such as the new Citroën C4 Cactus.

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